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“If I could provide the melodies, my songs would be more pleasing than they are now. But courage! Perhaps there is a kindred spirit somewhere who will hear the tunes behind the words and give them back to me.” Thus lamented Wilhelm Müller, the young Prussian author who created the poetic cycle that Franz Schubert used for Die schöne Müllerin in 1823. By 1828, when Schubert used another of Müller’s cycles to create his masterpiece,Winterreise, the poet had died without ever having known his true “kindred spirit”.

Composer: Franz Schubert Franz Schubert

Performing artists: Penelope Crawford Max van Egmond

Sample track:

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Release date: June 1, 2006

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Track Listing:

1 Das Wandern
2 Wohin?
3 Halt!
4 Danksagung an der Bach
5 Am Feierabend
6 Der Neugierige
7 Ungeduld
8 Morgengruß
9 Des Müllers Blumen
10 Tränenregen
11 Mein!
12 Pause
13 Mit dem grünen Lautenbande
14 Der Jäger
15 Eifersucht und Stolz
16 Die liebe Farbe
17 Die böse Farbe
18 Trockne Blumen
19 Der Müller und der Bach
20 Des Baches Wiegenlied

Franz Schubert
Die schöne Müllerin

Max van Egmond

Penelope Crawford

Configuration: Digital Download (320 kbps MP3)
Available: Now
Recorded: June 2001
Booklet: 32 Page
• First release devoted to Schubert’s song cycles, featuring Max van Egmond, legendary Dutch baritone and
specialist in “historical performance” and Penelope Crawford, one of America’s leading fortepianists.
• Original 1835 fortepiano by Viennese master builder, Conrad Graf.
• Extensive booklet essay by Susan Youens, leading internationally recognized Schubert scholar and author
of many books on German Lieder.

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