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The twelve sonatas of England’s Henry Eccles (c.1670-1742) are interesting both musically and as a window into the realities of music publishing in the early 18th century, during which there were no copyright protections. Out of forty movements in this book of sonatas, nineteen are known to be by other authors, including Giuseppe Valentini (1681-1753) and Francesco Bonporti (1672 -1749), one of whose movements appears as the second part of Eccles’s Sonata no. 11, which is, through exquisite irony, by far his most famous work. Eccles’s own pieces are tuneful, original and, as presented here by the Callipygian Players, full of fire and impetuosity.

Composer: Henry Eccles Henry Eccles Henry Eccles

Performing artists: Craig Trompeter David Schrader Martin Davids

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June 13, 2013

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