F. J. Haydn: Lieder; Cantata Arianna a Naxos; Duets

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World Première Recording

Haydn’s German Lieder were composed between 1781 and 1784, and are unusual in the importance they ascribe to the accompaniments, played on the new “fortepiano”, and instrument for which both Haydn and his friend Mozart increasingly composed after the 1770s. Here soprano Andrea Folan and fortepianists Tom Beghin and Chi-Chen Wu provide performances that take in to account Haydn’s own performance practices, including the questions of vocal ornamentation that bring these scores fully to life.

Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn Franz Joseph Haydn Franz Joseph Haydn Franz Joseph Haydn

Performing artists: Tom Beghin Chi-Chen Wu Pablo Bustos Andrea Folan

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Release date: September 13, 2013

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Track listing:

Disc 1
1-12 Erster Teil (First Part): Hob: XXVIa: 1 – 12; 1781
13-16 Arianna a Naxos

Disc 2
Cantata a voca sola
1-12 Zweiter Teil (Second Part): Hob: XXVIa: 13 – 24; 1784
13-14 Italian Duets

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 –1809)
XXIV Lieder für das Clavier, Cantata – Arwnna A Naxos, Duets

Andrea Folan, soprano
Tom Beghin, fortepiano
Chi-Chen Wu, fortepiano
Pablo Bustos, tenor

Configuration: 2 CD set
Available: September, 2013
Recorded: CD 1: March 21 –23, 1995, CD 2: August 17 –19, 2009
Booklet: 28 page
• Complete recording of all 24 of Haydn’s German songs.
• World première recording.
• Performed by musicians who are experts in 18th century performance practice, including the art of ornamenting
Haydn’s vocal music.
• Accompaniments are performed on replicas of Haydn’s fortepiano from around 1790.
• Booklet essay by distinguished Haydn scholar, Professor James Webster from Cornell University. A note on
performance by fortepianist Tom Beghin is also included, along with English translations of all the song texts.

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