Fauré: Complete Nocturnes for Piano – Digital Download

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Gabriel Fauré’s personal style, which combined classical formalism with advanced Romantic harmony, influenced several generations of French composers and performers. The thirteen Nocturnes were composed over a period of more than forty years, from the 1880s to the 1920s, and provide a window into Fauré’s compositional development during a crucial period of French musical history.

Composer: Gabriel Fauré

Performing artists: Sally Pinkas

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Release date: February 15, 2002

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Track Listing:

1 Nocturne no. 1, op. 33/i in E flat minor: Lento
2 Nocturne no. 2, op. 33/ii in B major: Andantino espressivo–Allegro ma non troppo
3 Nocturne no. 3, op. 33/iii in A flat major: Andante con moto
4 Nocturne no. 4, op. 36 in E flat major: Andante molto moderato
5 Nocturne no. 5, op. 37 in B flat major: Andante quasi Allegretto–Allegro
6 Nocturne no. 6, op. 63 in D flat major: Adagio –Allegro moderato
7 Nocturne no. 7, op. 74 in C sharp minor: Molto lento–Allegro
8 Nocturne no. 8, op. 84 in D flat major: Adagio non troppo
9 Nocturne no. 9, op. 97 in B minor: Quasi adagio
10 Nocturne no. 10, op. 99 in E minor: Quasi adagio
11 Nocturne no. 11, op. 104/i in F sharp minor: Molto moderato
12 Nocturne no. 12, op. 107 in E minor: Andante moderato
13 Nocturne no. 13, op. 119 in B minor: Andante

Gabriel Fauré: Complete Nocturnes

Sally Pinkas, pianoforte

Configuration: Digital Download (320 kbps MP3)
Available: Now
Recorded: July 2001
Booklet: 20-page Comprehensive program notes by Sally Pinkas (Ph.D Brandeis)
• One of a handful of complete recordings of the complete Fauré nocturnes
• State of the art recording made in Boston’s famous Jordan Hall
• Performer is a well-known specialist in this repertoire
• Second release in the Musica Omnia collectors’ series “The Romantics”.
• Recorded on first-rate Hamburg Steinway piano, model D

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