Support Musica Omnia, a unique recording company

From the President:

As a registered not-for-profit 501c(3) corporation, Musica Omnia offers you, the public, an opportunity to partner with and support the world’s finest performers in producing some of the best recordings being offered worldwide today.

Musica Omnia is a label that specializes in conceptualizing and producing some of today’s most interesting and rewarding musical projects. Mendelssohn’s chamber music, Bach’s keyboard music, The Romantics, Bach’s choral music. The list is a long one, and we are constantly adding new project strands to our existing catalogue. This is the label run by musicians for musicians, in a world market where record labels are disappearing at an ever increasing rate, and we are dedicated to promoting, preserving and presenting to as wide a public as possible the great performances that appear on our label.

Yet, recording is an expensive business, and our projects require considerable time, effort and money in order to realize our aim of achieving the ultimate standard in both performance and recorded sound. Our recordings are designed to honor the composer, the performer, and to celebrate the art of recording itself. There are many ways for the public to express support for what we do. The first is simply to purchase Musica Omnia titles, both CDs and digital downloads, and let all your friends know about us. If you send your friends there, there is no doubt that they will find much of interest.

Purchasing is easy, and can be done directly on our site, or through our many retail partners, both online and in many locations throughout the USA and Europe.

We have a number of contribution levels available, and offer various incentives to help you decide what your level of support will be. Most important, however, is the knowledge that you are helping to promote and develop a unique resource, which is needed more than ever in today’s increasingly commercialized and “dumbed down” cultural climate. Please join us by contributing today.

Peter G. Watchorn
President of the Board – Musica Omnia, Inc.