Tudor and Jacobean Keyboard Music

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This release, featuring two Flemish-style harpsichords by American master-builder, Walter Burr, provides a birds-eye view of the greatest flowering of English keyboard music during the 16th and 17th centuries. Harpsichordist Peter Watchorn performs works by the greatest composers of the era – William Byrd, John Bull, Peter Philips, Orlando Gibbons and lesser-known figures such as William Tisdale, William Randall and John Munday.

Composer: Various (England)

Performing artists: Peter Watchorn

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Release date: August 15, 2001

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Track Listing:

Disc 1
Played on the single-manual harpsichord (1979) after Andreas Ruckers, 1640

1 Passamezzo Pavan (Tisdale’s Virginal Book–TVB)
2 Passamezzo Galliard (TVB)

William Randall
3 Johnson’s Medley (TVB)
4 Dowland’s Lachrymae (TVB)
5 Galliard: Can she excuse? (TVB)

William Byrd
6 La Volta (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book–FWVB)

John Bull
7 In nomine XII (Musica Britannica–MB 31)

8 Chi passa (Dublin Virginal Book–DVB)

Peter Philips
9 Amarilli di Julio Romano (FWVB)

William Byrd
10 The Third Pavane (My Lady Nevell’s Book–Nevell)
11 The Third Galliard (Nevell)
12 Tregian’s Pavane (MB 60a)
13 Tregian’s Galliard (MB 60b)

14 Variations on the Romanesca (DVB)
15 My Lady Carey’s Dompe (Royal. App. 58)

Disc 2
Played on the double-manual harpsichord (1978) after Ioannes Ruckers, 1642

Orlando Gibbons
1 Pavan in g (MB 16)

John Bull
2 Dr. Bull’s My Selfe (FWVB)

Orlando Gibbons
3 Pavan in a (MB 17)

John Bull
4 Vaulting Galliard (MB 90)

William Byrd
5 Pavan in d (MB 52a)
6 Gallliard in d (MB 52b)

Orlando Gibbons
7 The Italian Ground (MB 27)

John Munday
8 Robin (FWVB)

9 Pavana (Mall sims, FWVB XVI)

William Byrd
10 Lord Willobies Welcome Home (Nevell, MB 7)

William Tisdale
11 Mrs. Katherin Tregian’s Paven (FWVB)

William Byrd
12 The Tenth Pavian: Mr. W. Peter (Nevell, MB 3a)
13 Galliard (Nevell, MB 3b)

Tudor and Jacobean Keyboard Music
Peter Watchorn, Harpsichord

Configuration: 2CD set
Available: Now
Recorded: June 1998 & Feb. 2001
Booklet: 20-page, full color. Comprehensive program notes by scholar Howard Schott.
• Well balanced anthology of unique and under-recorded repertoire.
• Four pieces receive their recording premiere.
• Two of the finest modern copies of original harpsichords by legendary American maker, Walter Burr.
• Superb recording, production and packaging.
• Beyond the Notes™ (website) and booklet notes by leading world authority, Dr. Howard Schott.

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