Forthcoming Releases

For release: 2017

mo 0601

In 1742 Bach published the 4th part of his monumental “Keyboard Practices”, in the form of thirty variations on a sarabande from the Anna Magdalena Book. The Goldberg Variations are a compendium of advanced harpsichord techniques and contrapuntal wizardry. Every third variation is a strict canon: at the unison, second, third, fourth etc. The final variation is a “quodlibet”, or pot pourri of folksongs, combined with the original harmonic bass. The next installment of BACH 330.

For release September, 2017:

MO 0602: J. S. Bach: Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of Fugue)
Peter Watchorn, pedal harpsichord


Bach’s last harpsichord work, The Art of Fugue is a compendium of fugal techniques applied to a single subject. Although it was written in open score (typical in the 17th & 18th centuries of musical works with a didactic purpose) the work has been clearly shown to be conceived for a keyboard instrument. In this performance the music is enhanced through the use of a pedal harpsichord, which enables the contrapuntal lines to be projected with unrivaled clarity.


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