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Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin, BWV 1001-1006

STANLEY RITCHIE (baroque violin)

MO 0503/ 2CD-set:  $ 17.99

Bach’s three Sonatas and three Partitas for solo violin (BWV 1001– 1006) represent the pinnacle of the solo violin repertoire. Long considered a challenge for modern violinists, they have especially benefited from the re-awakening of interest in the Baroque violin and contemporary performance practices. Here, the distinguished Australian violinist, Stanley Ritchie, provides benchmark performances of these masterpieces on an original 1670 instrument by Bach’s personal favourite violin maker, Jacob Stainer.


MO 0408/ CD:  $ 13.99

Jaap Schröder and the Skálholt Quartet present Schubert’s final and greatest string quartet, no. 15  in

G major, D.887. This is the first recording of this immense work using instruments of the early 19th century, allowing us to hear its beauties and challenges as Schubert (and his performers) experienced them in 1826.

This is the second release in this ongoing series, recorded in the superb acoustics of the cathedral church in Skálholt, Iceland.


MO 0306- 2CD-set:  $ 17.99

Haydn’s German Lieder were composed between 1781 and 1784, and are unusual in the importance they ascribe to the accompaniments, played on the new “fortepiano”, and instrument for which both Haydn and his friend Mozart increasingly composed after the 1770s. Here soprano Andrea Folan and fortepianists Tom Beghin and Chi-Chen Wu provide performances that take in to account Haydn’s own performance practices, including the questions of vocal ornamentation that bring these scores fully to life.


MO 0502/ 3CD-set:  $ 23.99

Bach’s six Partitas, BWV 825-830, formed the composer’s first published opus, the initial installment of a massive four-volume compendium called Clavier Übung (roughly: Current Keyboard Practices). They are the culmination of Bach’s three major harpsichord suite collections (the others being the English and French Suites), and remained famous among keyboard players after publication as a set in 1731, despite the relatively small number of sales of the printed edition. Here the six Partitas are performed by Peter Watchorn on a large German-style harpsichord and pedal harpsichord. This is the latest volume of Musica Omnia’s Complete Works for Harpsichord by J. S. Bach.









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